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identify a traditional or a literary symbol (only one) in a text we have read and discuss how it is key to understanding the psychological issue underpinning the text overall

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The Crossroads and the Oedipus Cycle by Sophocles
The three crossroads play the role of a conventional symbol
The crossroads uphold a standard meaning (the points at which individuals make critical choices in their lives)
The crossroads, as the conventional symbol, represent Oedipus’ dilemma
He wants to kill his father and marry his mother
Oedipus kills his father at the three crossroads
The crossroads also represent Oedipus and his mother, Jocasta
Oedipus is a father, son and brother. Jocasta is a bride, wife and mother
Oedipus’ actions may have been triggered by his past
He may have wanted to revenge because his parents abandoned him
The psychological issue is the Oedipus complex
Oedipus complex is a condition where children are sexually attracted to their parents
The Jocasta complex involves attraction of mothers to their sons. It is present between Oedipus and his mother
The play also examines diversity of human behavior
Most people get the things that they do not desire.
Oedipus falls into the trap that he tried to avoid from childhood

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