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How To Write A Resume Essay

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How to Write a Resume Essay
College Admission Resume
While the majority of resumes contain the same information included in the college application, a resume may allow one to add information that could not be written in the application. The following is a common outline for a college resume. Headings under which nothing can be written should be omitted. The resume should mirror ones strengths, personality and interests. A plain font such as Arial, or Times New Roman help in keeping the resume to a single page.
The first part should outline personal details, such as full name (Last, First, Middle), date of birth, address, phone number, valid email address and social security number. This should be followed by family details, including parents’ names, educational qualifications, occupations, names of siblings, their ages, educational levels and occupations. All educational qualifications should follow. High schools attended and names of counselors and their phone numbers are important to this section. Testing plans should be listed for those who have not taken, or are planning on taking SAT/ACT. Any programs or courses taken beyond high school, such as leadership symposiums, should not be left out.
The next part should itemize all school, community, athletic, artistic and religious, or other activities undertaken by the student, as well as any awards received or offices held. The list of activities should be followed by work experiences showing all paid jobs in chronological order, starting with the most recent.

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All accomplishments or awards earned during high school years should appear next. Skills such as computer, foreign languages or other relevant skills come after the accomplishments. Finally, a description of one’s career goals, as well as any actions taken to this end should be listed.
Admission Essay
An admission essay may be the determining factor when making a college application. It shows the admission officers the difference between one applicant and the rest. The essay may be used to tell a personal story, describe a memory or favorite activity. To make the essay more distinctive, one may opt to tap into personal emotions or feelings instead of actions. Actions are often repeated by multitudes, but feelings about these actions are exceptional. Starting the essay with an intrigue or mystery helps in grabbing the readers’ attention.
A resume is meant to provide additional information about the student, such as educational qualifications, personal data and references. The typical form of resume that lists achievements and experiences may be used. An online resume makes it easier since it does away with formats. However, such formats may be easily ignored since they are too common, bearing in mind the high number of applicants in the present world. Every resume needs to have something unique and interesting.
Reliance on the ordinary resume formats may cause one’s resume to be ignored. Grabbing attention calls for radicalism, uniqueness, attractiveness and encompassing data that could boost one’s chances of being hired. An example of a unique resume is a combination of an essay and a bulleted resume. It starts with a brief self-introduction, followed by a resume combining bullet points and brief notes on what has learnt. The following is an example of a good resume.
Name: John Smith
Address: Pine Road California
Education: AB Major in Psychology
Getting a second look from the resume screener may be a bit difficult if all the people use the same format. The following format would be better off.
Education: AB Major in Psychology Special Training: Clinical Psychology
This example provides the same data, but in a different tone. The bullet points helped in emphasizing. The purpose of this combined format is to put emphasis on educational achievements and skills using bullet points. This way, the screener does not have to read through the personal history digging for information. Instead, they notice it at first glance. While the format presents a risk in terms of suitability, it is a smart risk since it accomplishes the same goal with little variances from the known format.

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