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Making Responsible Choices in an Collegiate Environment

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Making Responsible Choices in a Collegiate Environment
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To make precise, clear and attainable choices, decisions have to be made. Decision making is the process or the act of choosing the best among many alternatives. Students preferably use different approaches when making a lasting and effective decision. This involves the setting of goals, gathering of information and gauging alternatives.
Steps of making effective decisions entail;
Firstly, identification of the decision is vital. A decision has to be made, and the nature of the decision to be made must clearly be defined. Secondly, by gathering information which is relevant can be useful. A collection of pertinent information is vital in making a decision. One must be able to sieve the information that is relevant, and some can be sought through self-assessment and also external sources.
Moreover, Identification of alternatives is vital. In this step, one can identify different options. Through the use of imagination and the information at hand new desirable alternatives can be formed and enlisted. Furthermore, one must weigh up evidence. About your information, one is expected to examine all the alternatives from start to the end. Evaluation of the primarily need in the first step must be gauged whether it can be solved by any of the alternatives. In this step, some alternatives are given priority more than others. Another way is by choosing the best alternative. Once all the evidence you had has been weighed, select the best alternative that suits you.

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A combination of alternatives is preferred.
Also, there should be a point of action. One is supposed to take positive action to implement the alternative he/she has chosen previously. Lastly, review on decision and consequences thereof are very essential. In these final step results of your decision are evaluated in whether the primary need has been solved. If the alternative has made a positive impact towards the need, one may retain the decision for a long time. If there is a fault in the decision that means the chosen decision didn’t bring a solution to the primary need then, on is expected to begin the process again.
One of the importance of decision making is it helps in planning and making of attainable goals in the college. Any goal or plan is established via the process of decision making and in the absence of the process then most of the students’ efforts in the college will be futile. When making goals or objectives, to attain the appropriate one, decisions or strategies should be made out of many alternatives. Secondly one can select the best strategy or alternative via the process of decision making. While choosing the way to follow one will ascertain the advantages and disadvantages of an alternative thereby he/she will forego the one with many limitations so as to achieve the set goals and objectives.
It is the use of other people’s ideologies and words having not clearly recognised the authenticity of such information. For instance, copy the articles on the internet and pasting them in your assignment is plagiarism. When one gets information from the internet or any other source like books authored by different people, it is recommended to paraphrase such information to avoid plagiarism.
To perfect your research paper, read the information you want then write it in your words. Words in a row exceeding two should not be copied without the use of quotation marks. Citing is another method of avoiding plagiarism.It entails adding the author(s) and publication date in your term paper. One should never forget to include reference page or work cited the page to complete his/her research paper.
What it takes to be successful in college.
Life in a college can be overwhelming to most of the students; there is a lot to be done and the time available to do all the tasks is seemingly little. To utilize most of your time effectively in the college on is obliged to exercise excellence in class, participate in extra-curricular activities that are advantageous and prepare through his/her life after graduation. For one to be a successful student in a college he/she has to adopt mechanisms that enable his/her career goals and objective be realized.
Having respectable study conducts, adopting test-taking mechanisms, proper time management and perfection in computer skills could be some of the ideas that most college students have and adopt. However for a college student to be effective and realize his or her strategic objective and goals one need to adopt the following traits. They include:
Self-drive and motivation. For one to achieve the goals once you enroll into a college, it is of importance to be self-driven. Your mind and efforts must be directed to achieving the primary goal, and that is to earn a degree and have best strategies to do what it takes to attain your educational goals. College life is not that easy and if it were then everybody would roll in and out with a degree. In life, the best things are smartly worked for hence achieving your own.
Being persistence. Despite the circumstance at hand, one has to be move on irrespective of the fate. Many things do occurs while in college, for instance, loss of a beloved one, and one must be persistence and strive more for success in academics. If any challenging issue arises, one is supposed to keep in touch with the student advisor whose role is to help the students deal with the difficult situation in their life as they roadmap towards achieving their degree.
Having Positive rational skills. The power of positive thinking has made many realize their hidden potential and have awakened their great giants in them. It is likely to engage in negative patterns of thinking, for instance, it is impossible to pass that test, or it was very hard. While in the college one must adopt positive mentality and be solution oriented. Instead of engaging in thoughts that will discourage your efforts and make you despair in life take every challenging task positively and innovate certain ways to overcome the task.
Reliable support. When one is enrolled in a college, finding and getting support from family members, beneficial friends and classmates enable one to be confident and bold in every task he/she undertakes. Knowing your support system in school, for instance, your dean and coordinator and the resources which are at hand will help the student in lessening any stress that may arise on your road to success.
Organisational skills. Being organized in college guarantees your success in all that you aspire to be. These entails different aspects such as; time scheduling, using and utilizing the to-do list, creating a calendar for assignments and evaluating your progress from time to time. One feels relaxed when he/she knows where to access everything that is required of him/her.
In conclusion, when one has accomplished goals there is a great feeling because of the achievement. The path to victory is not always straight there being self-driven, persistent, thinking positively, having organisational skills and support can make one achieve anything.

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