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Please describe your short-term and long-term career goals and how your current professional experiences relate to these goals. Explain why you are pursuing an MBA degree at this point in your career.

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DateLong-term and Short-term Career Goals
Right after completing my MBA, I want to move to Irving and work for NEC on a management level. Long-term, I aim to work for Harima Company, based in Chicago. My father is a former CEO and has been very supportive in offering background information about the corporation.
In in the year 2012, I joined NEC. I do owe my current skills and business familiarity to the firm. I was active in my job and eager to learn from my seniors. I gained experienced using business IT, learned how to manage myself and the team, and advanced my abilities to solve problems. Although a majority of lessons were related to work, the information shared contributed to my current personality. Hence, besides building and redirecting my career desires, I became a better human. At least an improvement from the time I was a recruit.
At NEC, I was assigned a client dealing with insurance services. Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance trusted NEC to offer solutions to its business problems by implementing the organization’s IT solutions. Among my most significant career achievements happened while in charge of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company. In 2014, when the company faced severe challenges on its systems, I tailored a solution to rescue its data. I introduced two systems on the cloud; Mailing and document sharing. The structure managed both by house engineers and software vendors. In the long run, the idea reduced the company’s costs by twenty percent.

Wait! Please describe your short-term and long-term career goals and how your current professional experiences relate to these goals. Explain why you are pursuing an MBA degree at this point in your career. paper is just an example!

Also, the management assigned me a role to develop a new directive for a third financial solution unit. The department catered for pre-sales investment. My first step included creating a specific format that managed an entire list of potential tasks. Correspondingly, there were elements to assess the progress of projects and if the investment had any impacts. The method enabled smooth execution of venture and portfolio undertakings.
Through my experiences at NEC, I acquired excellent skills in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of clients’ enterprises. I knew what to tackle and how. As such, I built strong relationships with different organizations. Moreover, most customers had trust in NEC’s services as a result of the existing rapport.
My accomplishment at NEC triggered a further interest in Business. The more I learned, worked and witnessed the operations of my innovations, I developed a desire for management and was looking forward to the day I would join an MBA school.
At present, I still work with NEC as part of NEC’s InsureTech department. I do research the current trends in technology and match them with business needs. I analyze InsureTech market behavior and through my team, propose appropriate tactic. I gather statistics from the ministry of the Economy, Trade, and Industrial affairs. Similarly, I research the current market movement of both the leading Japanese life insurance, Damage insurance and other global insurance corporations.
While working at NEC, my farther continuously gives me feedback from Harima Company creating a foundation for my long-term career goal. Harima is a chemical manufacturer dealing in pine chemicals. Since its launch, the firm has experienced success in its proceeds. It has an excellent business history, and I hope to build my career further.
From my background information, Harima is planning to globalize its business in over ten countries. I do not intend to fit into my father’s shoes as a CEO, but to be part of the organization’s international expansion workforce. I plan to be the assistant CEO at Lawter Chemicals, based in Chicago. Already, Harima acquired a stake in Lawter. In my role, I will be responsible for operations in Argentina, Belgium, China, Korea, Netherlands and the United States of America (Poppe, 1). Moreover, Lawter has been seeking chances to make a change in its management. I will reorganize its leadership in Harima subsidiaries, centralize decision-making powers and maximize revenue channels. I plan to make Lawter the leading chemical supplier of rosin-based items especially papers, printing, paints and rubber-based industries.
I cannot be efficient in the organization if I lack proper management talents. I need both general and global management skills. Studying MBA is my path to realizing my plans and equipping me with the right expertise. At the peak of my career, I purpose to make Harima the envy of pine industries. Harima will be the World’s number one rosin-based chemical manufacturer. Through MBA training, I will use the transnational management tool to construct a new business model that would be suitable for the businesses’ international needs. I will introduce ideal business strategies for biochemical and petroleum fields.
At Mirage, I know that I will fulfill my professional ambitions. The program offers courses in international management, leadership strategies and organizational change, which are my primary interests. I believe that the units will expand my knowledge in global business. Moreover, Harima will be venturing into a competitive business environment. The firm will need to stay ahead of competitors by cushioning itself with the best brains. Real world exposure, theory and practical application of techniques learned will help me integrate quickly into Harima chemical company.
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Poppe, Antony. NTT Communications Executes Multi-Vendor Program to Complete Lawter’s One-Shot Move To Cloud. Case Study. n.d. Web. Accessed 29 January.2018.

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