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Statement Goals

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Statement Goals

Statement Goals
Why I am Interested in Social Work
My interest in social work emanates from the fact that I have always wanted to give back to the society in whatever little way I can. I believe in empowering others, especially the vulnerable teenagers through motivating or inspiring them. Besides, I have worked in volunteer programs before. I believe that I have considerable experience encouraging others to exploit their potentials to the fullest. I delight in helping other individuals make decisions that are helpful to them. I am specifically concerned with inspiring adolescents to practice responsible social behaviors, engage in constructive and meaningful activities. I encourage them to avoid destructive conducts such as alcoholism and smoking, factors that could predispose them reckless behaviors such as premarital sex, unwanted pregnancies, and sexually transmitted infections. Working as a volunteer in social work will allow be to initiate a significant transformation in my community. Most youths in my community drop out of school due to early pregnancies, drugs, and petty crimes. I believe the trend is occasioned by lack of or unsatisfactory reproductive education, negligence, and inefficient lobby groups. The fact that I am of prime age could be useful in reaching out to the adolescents, relating to their situations, and identifying with their plights. I have a strong personality and the patience I believe are important in addressing the issues of sex, early pregnancies and the role of alcohol and drugs in elevating such instances.

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I also believe in cultural diversity that necessarily implies that I can work with adolescents and stakeholders from across the world. Cultural diversity ensures that as a facilitator, I will not restrict my voluntary services to geographical borders, cultural confines, or language barriers. As such, I will reach out to all adolescents, irrespective of race, language, or culture.
Growing up as an adolescent, I was confident to overcome many hardships. I believe I had a deeper inner spiritual resolve. I must have reckoned that I would let the misfortunes get into my way of living a decent life. My mother was a drug addict; although I was mentally strong not to let her addiction wear me off. I understood that when one is positive and can afford a smile even in the face of adversity, then even the most difficult of situations become manageable. I hope to inject the positive mentality into the adolescents that I will interact with during my social work. I wish to share my experiences as an adolescent with the teenagers and enhance their development or transition to adulthood. I reckon that my application for the Master of Social Work will equip me with the prerequisite skills to work as a social work volunteer. What is more, previously worked for Hope House Adolescent program. Perhaps working for the institution confirms that I have the experience required for the program. I believe I will be in better situation to counsel people within broader boundaries.
Work Experience Relevant To Social Work Career Goals
I am a beautician by profession; I have been a beautician for twenty years. As such, I interacted with the adolescents through talking to them, I believe I understand their worries and doubts. I have the desire to incorporate my skills as a beautician into counseling. The constant communication I have with my clients allows me to comprehend my clients and somewhat get to understand their psychology. I have been able to improve my clients’ self-esteems. I will employ my undergraduate degree in psychology as well. I am an unmarried mother of two young children, a daughter and a boy. My daughter has a kid. Thus, I understand what it takes to be a single mother at a tender age. Both of my children work, but I assist them financially on a monthly basis with their living expenses. I assist them through my per diem job as at Hope House where I have been employed for two years now. Even as a single mother, I enjoyed raising the children. I struggled to have a beautiful life.
Despite obtaining a low GPA, I have been consistent in advancing my studies. Perhaps my efforts help to show that I am steadfast and does not let negative situations weigh me down. My skills have considerably improved. My writing is not at par though I am confident that it will be better with time. The nature of all the volunteer and paid works I participated in before this application are relevant to my interest in a Master’s Degree in social work. My job a beautician, my previous experiences, and interactions with adolescents equipped me with the knowledge required for understanding the dilemmas of teenagers. I hope to rely on them even as I pursue my post graduate degree to obtain the relevant skills needed in social work. If successful, I will reach out to all youths, share my experiences as a young teenager with them. In my opinion doing so will improve closure between us and bridge the gap, hence improving communication between them and me. What is more, I am sure that relating my previous experiences with the adolescents will be an important major step to enhance their confidence in triumph and to make them explore diverse opportunities in life.



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