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Your Personal Statement Ruskin University

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Your Personal Statement
We are delighted that you have chosen to apply for a course at Anglia Ruskin University.
Your personal statement is very important as it is your opportunity to explain in your own words why you are interested in the course you have applied for and why you wish to come to Anglia Ruskin University.
Before completing the questions below, please look at your course details and the course modules
on our website and think about the information you could include in your personal statement.
Personal Statement – please complete the questions below
90741528511500Why are you applying for your chosen course?
I am applying for my chosen course guided by my passion for fashion and designs. Notably, any given course can prove challenging if one lacks the passion and ability to pursue it. Personally, I am informed by my ability to pursue the course coupled with my passion for it and do believe that I will come out of the course with loads of success.
91059047815500Why does this subject interest you? What is it about this course and the modules in it that interests you? Please see the module information on our website settle for this course because it appeals to my career prospects. Since childhood, I have been fascinated by fashion and designs, and this has in part been motivated by television shows that feature top models and top celebrities in the fashion industry. Nothing could be more fascinating.
91059047815500What are the reasons for choosing Anglia Ruskin University and have you considered other universities in the UK for a similar course?
Anglia Ruskin University is a premier university known for its quality education and besides this, it has incredible facilities that is so far, one of the best in the United Kingdom.

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Being an award winning university with entrepreneurial support among other disciplines, I felt it best to be enjoined and be part of the best, ambitious and unstoppable institution there is.
91059029464000Why do you want to study in the UK and did you consider any other countries?
Apart from affordable quality education, life in the United Kingdom is quite interesting and easy to adapt to. There are plenty of hotels and accommodation that every student would feel comfortable in. Besides, the weather in the UK is friendlier than other countries like the US.
91059047815500How will this course help you achieve your career goals, and what are your plans after you have completed your studies?
This course will shape my career in through the work while you study program as I will be in a position to put test my experience in the real world thereby sharpening my skills. After graduating, I plan to pursue my job prospects in the fashion industry and be able to add value to the society as a capacity builder.
If applicable ‐ Any other information you may feel relevant such as any paid or voluntary work you have done, or any interests or hobbies you may have that are relevant to your chosen course.
Thank you
International Admissions Team
Anglia Ruskin University

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